Job Prospects on the Rise in Canada

Job-Prospects-on-the-Rise-in-Canada-300x227In 2012, Canada reported over 58,000 jobs that were added to its national employment status. Their unemployment rate for their nation was cut by 0.1%, reduced to 7.6%, according to a Statistics Canada report. Added to the workforce was 9,000 additional jobs for the British Columbia province. Newfoundland, Labrador and Ontario’s employment also reported significant employment gains.

Even though most of the jobs that were added were part-time jobs, their full-time growth of employment outpaced their employment growth of part-time jobs. Also, outnumbering the lower-wage jobs by about 3 to 1 are the high wage jobs. Good news for Canadians. Higher paying jobs outnumbering lower paying jobs – can’t get much better than that.

The jobs for Canadian women who are 55 years of age or older increased by around 29,000, making them the group that saw the sharpest job growth rate. In addition, Canadian statistics reported that the greatest employment gains in the month of April were in the arena of finance, insurance, business, real estate, building and additional provision amenities. Employers in Canada hope to be able to hire about 400 construction workers from Portugal, according to information from Albano Riberio who is the spokesperson for the Construction Union in Portugal.

Recession in Portugal

The country of Portugal has been hurting from a recession of their economy. The weak economy has specifically affected their country’s construction workers. The Construction Union said the number of construction workers who may be currently unemployed is around 700,000, which is around 20% of Portugal’s population.

The employees who were fortunate enough to receive a job are paid for their work, on average about £3.14 an hour for their labor. In the Toronto area, workers of jobs that are about the same are paid up to £32 an hour – just about ten times as much as the salaries of the Portuguese.

The Construction Union has said that they will give informational meetings about how to find work and how workers can travel to Canada. Mr. Riberior confessed that the staffing starts with hundreds, and is expected to reach other parts of Canada, starting from Toronto.

Foreigners Needed to Work in Canada

Canada-Flag-300x150Companies in Canada have been progressively searching of foreign workers who are skilled in order to help them fill their increasing shortage of labor in some of the areas of Canada. Earlier in the year, about 300 workers from Ireland were employed to go to Saskatchewan after they did an extensive recruitment campaign in Ireland by businesses that were based in Saskatchewan.

There are great prospects and potential of finding work in Canada. The country is offering career coaching services to help individuals find employment; free career tools are among the elements that are being offered along with a list of Canadian employers to help job seekers become more familiar with the types of jobs available.

Some of the occupational profiles that the NOC has listed are:

  1. Graphic Designers: Individuals who may be interested in architectural work in Canada will be happy to learn that the employment outlook for this career is enormously optimistic. Architects may have the opportunity to be self-employed, work for governments and private corporations or be hired by architectural companies. The architectural work is contingent on the level of construction and the economic cycles. If you’re interested, read more graphic designer information.
  2. Diesel Mechanic: You are on the right track if you are looking or interested in working as a supervisor or contractor in the mechanical trade. The employment possibilities in that field are greatly positive. The group of jobs may include automotive service technicians, transportation equipment mechanics, machinery and other mechanics. Learn more at
  3. Electrical Engineers: The prospects of finding employment working in the field of information and computer systems manager are extremely high. The hiring trends in this field are getting better and high-tech workers in the industry are believed to be in the greatest demand. IT professionals are one of Canada’s largest need and Canadian employers are searching to employ new workers in this field. has plenty of information about this career. If you need to have more experience to get an engineering job, consider doing a paid or unpaid engineering internship to get relevant engineering experience and networking opportunities.

Of course, since Canada is a country that is looking for more and more people to employ, to have skills and degrees in automotive engineering (check out this site) and truck driving (TDSG is a great site) is extremely positive to have. There just might even be some engineering internship opportunities to boot, eh.

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Why Canadians Prefer SUVs Over Minivans

Buick-Enclave-Top-SUV-300x199SUVs are widely becoming popular all around the globe and one especially sees the appreciation of these vehicles in Canada. Although both SUVs and Minivans offer the opportunity of a three-row seating capacity that can easily seat 7-8 passengers.

One of the biggest and main reasons why Canadians love to own an SUV is because of its ability to conveniently drive through any kind of terrain and weather. For someone who has visited Canada, it isn’t hard to imagine, why this is so.

The climate of Canada cannot be generalized as it is a huge country with widely ranging temperatures between its northern and southern regions. The temperatures towards the north can even reach -27 in the winters, with absolutely no daylight. The temperature gradually increases towards its south where the winters can reach a peak of -7. One can easily expect a lot of snowfall everywhere; in fact many of the regions remain in snow even in the summers. Coupled with that, the terrain of Canada is mostly mountainous with few flat regions as well. With this kind of climate and terrain, Canadians require a vehicle that is strong, reliable and one that can easily push through snow or mud covered roads.

Winter-Driving-SUV-300x180The SUVs therefore are better suited to that area as they are quite powerful. Most of the SUVs are fitted with 6-cylinder engine, whereas the more powerful ones even have an 8-cylinder engine. A powerful engine, when combined with all-wheel drives, makes the vehicle quite adept to all kinds of driving conditions. The SUV, therefore, can be expected to drive smoothly through the roads that are covered with slush, snow, mud or gravel. The minivan is not a powerful vehicle and therefore is not suitable for roads that are covered with snow or slush. Find reviews and rankings for the best compact SUVs at this helpful website.

The minivans also don’t offer the higher or taller seating arrangement that the SUV does to its drivers and passengers. The driver of an SUV gets a better view of the road and the surrounding and therefore becomes more capable of driving the car through disturbing conditions. What’s more is that SUVs are built with better handling and manoeuvring capability.

Moreover, citizens of Canada love to travel over long routes to explore the mountainous or hilly regions. Canada is famous for its various skiing places and outdoor camping where one gets the opportunity to watch the wolves or to go for deer hunting. An SUV with an off-roading capability is therefore the best vehicle to own. You can go off trail, anytime you want to discover the different routes, forests, hills and other area. This is another one of the weak points of minivans which are not built to do off-roading. Need to bring all your friends on an adventure? Make sure to look at vehicles that offer an optional 3rd row seat.

SUV-Towing-a-Trailer1-300x183Another reason, why Canadians prefer SUVs is that they have great towing capability. For all those skiing and camping trips with friends and family, one needs a nice SUV that can easily and effortlessly pull a trailer or a camper along for added convenience and fun. The minivan, unfortunately does not offer this luxury. Its engine and rear end is not powerful enough to tow a boat, camper or trailer behind it.

Many of the SUVs from the most reliable brands also have the added advantage of requiring little transmission maintenance. This is another factor why Canadians prefer an SUV. With lots of travelling, they are comfortable with the idea that they don’t have to get the transmission fluid checked very often.

That said, the fluid should be replaced or flushed on a semi-regular basis to ensure that the transmission continues to work smoothly. Learn the difference between a fluid flush vs. change. Since the transmission and the engines are built to last, the SUVs make the best choice for all kinds of lifestyle and driving terrains.

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Best Ways to Invest in Your Home and Yourself

Invest-Definition-300x214Investing in yourself or your home is not a sign of conceit, nor is it a portent of unnecessary luxury. Rather, it is a sign that you care about the things that matter the most other than family and friends – yourself, and the house that you live in. although it can be said that there are a lot of luxurious things that you can purchase that may be deemed as extravagant, for instance getting plastic surgery done or having a state of the art swimming pool installed in your backyard, certain investments do pay off in the long run, if not functionally, but with regards to your own self-image.

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? Unfortunately, not all of us are genetically or coincidentally gifted with a perfect set of teeth. With dental implants, however, that could be repaired in a pinch. Within a few sessions and a couple of hundred dollars, you too can have that great smile that you will be able to flash with full confidence.

If you have a large mole on your face or body that you are very conscious of, then mole removal is the best service that you can find. Most dermatologists and other specialists can cater to this type of service fast and easy, and prices are very competitive and affordable. Only very minor surgery is required, and there are no scars to speak of post-op. The average mole removal cost is $100 to $500. With this very justifiable investment, you can now wear that bikini or strut around shirtless on the beach with clear and flawless skin.

Of course, a clean bill of health is the best type of investment that you can get for yourself. Aside from curing conditions as they occur, prevention is also the best way to live a healthy life. This includes yearly or semi-annual physical, dental, and eye exams. Paying the additional costs to get dental implants instead of dentures is definitely a worthwhile investment, especially if you are less than 65 years of age. Learn about the factors that affect the cost of tooth implants. These would ensure that any problems would be detected and treated immediately, as early detection and response is always the best approach and provides the best chances for success and recovery. Vision exams should be taken on a yearly basis to ensure that your eyes are healthy and free of disease. An exam typically costs around $60.

As for your home, there are several types of investments that you could put into it so that your dwelling would be more comfortable and enjoyable to come home to. Aside from the usual appliances like TVs and furniture to enhance the look of every room, the exterior of the structure should also be taken care of. This is where vinyl sidings come in. Vinyl siding is an affordable alternative to wood or aluminum, and it is an efficient weatherproofing device. It also provides the house with a much more modern look and feel.

Solar panels are also something that you can look into. Solar panels are a type of device that basically converts solar energy into electricity that devices such as lights, fans, and other appliances use. This will help the homeowner save up on a lot of money when the electricity bill comes, and you can also have a battery installed so that you can use the generated energy during emergencies. Having solar panels installed is an investment that keeps on giving, and is a wise investment any way you look at it according.

On the inside, it would be great to invest in things that would not only enhance the look of your home, but provide it with additional functionality as well, allowing you to perform work that much more effectively and efficiently. This holds true especially for kitchen remodel ideas. Kitchen remodeling can range from installing granite countertops, adding racks to place cooking or eating utensils, installing kitchen cupboards and cabinets for easy storage and organization, or simply repairing or upgrading the various items that can be found in the room. Find out how much granite kitchen countertops cost. Just make sure that everything has a purpose, and that everything would work towards helping you prepare meals faster and make cleaning and organizing easier rather than impeding your usual tasks.

These are but some of the few samples by which you can invest in yourself and your home. There are a variety of other ways that you can do this, but you have to make sure that these are necessary expenditures. An investment would not be worth it if it does not pay itself off, either by material or intangible means. This can include improved self-confidence, minimizing bills, a better look, or a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle. Otherwise, the way by which you would be spending money would seem unnecessary or even luxuriant by other people’s standards.

By investing in yourself and your home, you are merely enjoying your years of hard work. You are simply enjoying the money that you have earned in order to provide yourself with a little comfort and joy. Think of it as a little pat on the back for a job well done. Still, always remember to not spend to much, and to focus more on the needs rather than the wants.

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Financial-Services-Industry-300x150With the economy as it is, it’s pretty hard to find a stable job that provides both a modest income and an enjoyable challenge. However, those working in the financial sector have experienced a boom in the past months, with many more job opportunities in the coming year. This is a great opportunity for those who would like to move higher in the career ladder, as well as for those who are currently unemployed but have the skills to occupy these vacant positions.

Industry reports state that, due to the recent recession, more people are looking into financial advising companies so that they would be able to handle their money better. Thus, financial advisors are very much in demand, as they would be able to provide the services that these clients are looking for. If you’re interested, you can find career information at Employment of insurance agents will also see an incline, albeit companies with lower premiums would probably get a bigger share of the market due to the economic crisis that the country has experienced. Insurance Agent Salary Data has a detailed job description, salary data and education requirements for the career.

Those in business administration would also find outsourcing their bookkeeping operations to be much more cost-effective according to Thus, employment for independent bookkeepers and accountants will also soar due to the increase in demand. Find out what the education requirements for auditing clerks are if you’re interested in the career. As for investment banking and stock brokerages, these services have declined in demand during the recession, but reports indicate that a boom is possible in the coming months depending on how the economy goes.

Lastly, retirement planning firms will also experience a sharp incline in job vacancies in order to accommodate the needs of people who would like to better assure their financial securities in the coming years. Demand will also come from the large baby boomer generation that is approaching retirement age.

Reports also indicate that this time and age is a great opportunity for young professionals, and even fresh graduates, to penetrate the financial service sector. As the years go by, those in these types of services grow older and are themselves reaching retirement age. In fact, Forbes states that the average age of your standard financial adviser is 50, meaning those who are much younger can more easily get into the positions that these individuals would vacate sooner or later.

Along with these needs comes even more competitive pay. Estimates show that pay rates for those working in the financial industry may peak at two to four times the rate two years ago, giving those who are new in the industry a bigger chance of getting high paying jobs.

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned economic setbacks, skills training from reputable financial organizations such as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch have been minimized due to cost cutting measures. In lieu of this, side by side mentoring has been the trend, although most people would see this an advantage rather as a shortcoming due to its hands on approach and the younger generation’s immersion to real life financial scenarios.

Fastest-Growing-Occupations-300x300It has also been stated that, due to the current needs and demands of the industry, those who haven’t even had prior experience in financial services can get hired, relying more on mentoring by more experienced staff rather than what was learned in school or in their previous employment. This is especially the case for investment bankers. Learn more about the education and training requirements. This is also a great way for the older generation of financial advisers and brokers to mentor and train their potential successors within the company.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a boom of about 14% in the financial sector, affecting all those within the industry. This large amount of vacancies would have to be filled up soon due to the increasing demand for financial service requirements, and this is the perfect time for the younger people to step up, and for the older workers to prepare for their eventual retirement while training new recruits as potential replacements. For example, the employment growth for stock brokers is predicted to be 15% over the next 10 years (source).

Thus, the financial sector would be one of the fastest growing, albeit still more competitive than ever, occupations in the coming months up until the next year. Insurance agents and financial advisers will be very much in demand, along with retirement planning and bookkeepers. This poses a great opportunity for those who are seeking new employment, and this will also give those going to colleges and universities a better idea as to which degrees to pursue.

Still, it should be mentioned that, in any industry, only the best will survive, and only the cream of the crop would be hired to become financial advisers, stock brokers, or bookkeepers. In the end, it will be up to your skill and mentality that will ultimately land you a job and cause you to stay there, as there are much more applicants than openings, regardless of this uptick in employment opportunities.

Regardless, it is nice to think of the many possibilities that potential employees can get into, as well as the many opportunities for applicants, whether with financial service backgrounds or not, to be able to penetrate this lucrative, challenging, and very competitive industry.

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Canadian Health Care Employment Opportunities

Opportunities-in-Health-Care-255x300There is a boom in many health care employment fields and many of these have great future prospects. Those who want to gain more experience or want to broaden their horizon, there are many health care employment opportunities in Canada as well. Many of these job opportunities are owing to the dearth of health care professionals in Canada that the industry is experiencing at the moment.

Health care professionals are needed in almost every sector of the industry. The biggest shortage that they are facing is of competent and trained nursing staff especially in rural areas. Waiting times to meet a medical specialist has greatly increased; in fact in some areas of the country, patients even have to wait more than a year to get an appointment with a medical practitioner.

In fact, it is not just the rural areas. Many other areas of Canada as well which are hit by the shortage of medical staff. The medical staff required not only includes surgeons, pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists but also massage therapists, physical therapists, dental hygienists, medical records technicians and licensed vocational nurses.

Licensed vocational nurse employment opportunities are perhaps the most abundant in Canada. These nurses are not only required in main hospitals, clinics, field area, nursing homes but also in the emergency rooms (more information). As the employed nurses are nearing the age of retirement, there are increased nursing employment opportunities for fresh recruits or trained professionals from abroad. If a trained nurse is looking to migrate to Canada, then he/she should apply online; an application which is accompanied by the complete documents should be sent. The Government of Canada is also trying to find trained professionals from across Canada as well.

The massage therapists and physical therapists are also required in the Canadian hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers. The demand for massage therapists and physical therapists is growing everywhere as the health care industry is fast realizing the importance of the role that each of these medical professionals have to play.

The massage therapists are trained to give proper massage to the body of the patients using hands and other devices to give relief from muscular pain. Some pains are deeply embedded and are appropriately treated by medicines alone; proper massage therapy is required to help in the circulation of blood to all parts of the body. More career information at The physical therapists, on the other hand, assist patients who are recovering from a serious injury or ailment in regaining strength in their bodily movements. There are many medical conditions or injuries that leave the joints, limbs or the whole body in a tattered condition; physical therapy therefore becomes a necessity in such conditions. Here is the complete guide to the occupation.

Physical-Therapist-Working-with-Patient-300x300Massage therapists or physical therapists who are looking for a worthy job opportunity should forward their applications to Canadian hospitals and rehabilitation centres as there is a growing need of medical specialists in all field. The Canadian government is concerned about providing proper and timely care to its citizens and so countless jobs in the health care department have opened up. Fresh graduates and trainees who want to expand their experience should surely try going to Canada for better future prospects.

Although the jobs of dental hygienists and medical records technicians seem insignificant, they still have a connective role to play in hospitals and clinics. The dental hygienists spread the awareness of oral and dental hygiene in the prevention of troublesome oral disorders. They guide the children and adults about what they are doing wrong and how they can improve their oral health.

Likewise the job of the medical records technicians, even though it may seem unimportant, isn’t. These are the people who have received arduous training about managing the past and present medical records of each of the patients, both the old fashioned way and in the computer system of the hospital or clinic that they work in.

As they are integral part of the health care industry, the whole health care scenario cannot be complete without them. Therefore along with the other medical services required by the Canadian government, their health care industry also needs dental hygienists and medical records technicians.

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Braces and Supports Trending in Canada

Around now, dental and posture braces are trending in Canada. It seems correcting unaligned teeth and bad posture has become a national obsession. Let’s take a look at what lies behind these trends.

Canadians seek a celebrity style smile
Having severely irregular, grossly unattractive teeth used to be considered par for the course by ordinary folks. To be exact, having far from perfect teeth is not something anyone welcomed, but the idea of spending large amounts of money on corrective dental treatment to straighten out wayward teeth would never have entered most people’s minds in a month of Sundays! However, ideas about personal appearance have certainly shifted a bunch in the last few decades, with the result that many people are prepared to shell out big money on improving their appearance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cosmetic surgery, dental braces, or hair transplants – in all cases the rationale and philosophy is the same. People in Canada and elsewhere have certainly gotten used to the celebrity look. That means not only sparkling, whiter than white teeth but straight, symmetrical teeth, too! It seems the public have become so accustomed to the flawless smiles of TV celebs that they want to replicate the effect in their own mouths. This is surely what lies behind the fact that demand for dental braces is soaring.

Dental braces, which are made of metal and wire, are a relatively straightforward method of achieving effective correction of a variety of orthodontic problems. The braces, which sometimes also incorporate orthodontic rubber bands, are fitted onto patients’ teeth by expert orthodontists. The braces exert around-the-clock pressure on the teeth, which causes them to move gradually to a different position and angle. Having braces attached to your teeth is not painful, but in order to achieve a radical transformation of the orientation of your teeth you must wear the brace without interruption for a period of up to three years. There are typically many colors of elastics to choose from to make your braces stylish or make them blend in with your teeth. Braces Colors Guide has more details and a sample color palette.

Getting a good deal on dental braces in Canada
Because of the increased demand for dental braces, Canada is seeing a major increase in the numbers of dentists offering this kind of treatment. Dentists rightly see dental braces as a money-spinner, which is why they often make a point of recommending braces to patients when carrying out other, routine dental treatment. If your dentist suggests to you that you might be interested in having a brace fitted to straighten out your teeth, don’t make the mistake of taking him or her up on the offer without checking to see if you could get a brace done elsewhere at a much more reasonable price.

Colored-Dental-Braces-300x202Signing on the dotted line for orthodontic treatment is not something you should ever do on the spur of the moment. Having braces fitted will require you to pay a considerable amount of mine, so it makes sense to shop around to find the very best deal that you possibly can. The average price of braces is around $5,000, but the cost differs depending on whether you’re buying with or without insurance. Bargain basement dental braces are not to be recommended as they have the potential to cause teeth to fall out. You should always stick to a specialist orthodontist when having a dental brace put in but, nevertheless, who wouldn’t grab the chance of saving five hundred dollars if the opportunity presented itself?
Canadians snapping up posture braces and elbow supports.

In common with exploding demand for dental braces, posture braces and also tennis elbow braces are selling well right across Canada. The reason for this is the same as with dental braces – people with physical issues of one kind or another are happy these days to pay top dollar to get things fixed to their satisfaction. Patients are taking the attitude that, if they can improve their physical appearance in every way, the quality of their day to day life is sure to get better, too. Who would want to argue with this?

Posture braces function like old-fashioned corsets. The patient wears the brace on their body, and it then forces him or her to improve their posture. There really is no dodging it when you wear a posture brace as the infernal thing will simply not allow you to slouch any more.

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Vehicle-Maintenance-300x248For some reason, best known only to themselves, many drivers like to play the blame game when it comes to the rising cost of motoring. Rather than shoulder personal responsibility for snagging the best deals and discounts they can find, it seems Canadian car owners prefer to blame the government. Seeing as they cannot even be bothered to take the necessary steps to alleviate their own suffering, they had better put up or shut up.

Although it cannot be denied that the costs of running a vehicle are on the rise, the fact remains that many drivers waste a ton of money by not attending to things that together push up their day by day motoring expenses. It is a mystery why so many drivers fail to see that it is entirely their own fault their expenditure on motoring is so high. Take as an example the matter of wheel alignment. The average Canadian driver has no idea of the damage that is done by having a car with poorly aligned wheels. The consequences include higher consumption of gasoline, greater wear and tear on tires, and even damage to the steering column of the auto (official source). When these effects are combined, it should be obvious that failing to pay due attention to the alignment of your car’s wheels is one hell of an error. No wonder motorists are paying through the nose for their folly!

Car-with-Tinted-Windows-300x199And what about window tinting? Many car owners in Canada think they are so clever for choosing not to tint their auto windows. They imagine that, by saving a few bucks, they are making great progress in limiting their motoring costs. Not so! In fact, tinting is a sensible precaution as it prevents the interior of the car from being damaged by U/V light due to constant exposure to the rays of the sun. Once again, motorists are making poor choices when it comes to saving money on car maintenance.

Financing the purchase of a new car can end up being a massive trap. If you don’t believe this, see the truth about 0% financing at Many Canadian drivers are too eager to get their hands on the keys to a brand new car, so they rush into finance deals without checking to see if the contract they are signing up to offers the best and most advantageous terms. Rather than giving in to consumer greed, buyers are instead advised to be more cautious before entering into these car finance deals. If you don’t like the terms, don’t just sign on the dotted line and then start moaning about it. If you do that, you will have only yourself to blame.

Timely replacement of a cracked windshield is vital if you want to avoid the windshield shattering without warning. Also, if a police notices a crack during a spot check and then tickets you, you will pay a heavy price for trying to save a few dollars. In addition, the windshield is the third most important safety feature of any vehicle. You can make life much easier for yourself by replacing the windshield at the right time! If this applies to you, find out what the automobile windshield repair costs are.

Two further examples of drivers not helping themselves are their failure to pay close enough attention to the condition of brake pads, and also their tendency to leave too long an interval between auto paint jobs. In the first instance, failing brake pads can end up being a killer if left uncorrected, which is why getting new ceramic or semimetallic pads is so important. But, even if you are lucky enough to avoid an accident due to failing brake pads, you will still pay a high financial penalty if it transpires that the eventual cost of repairing badly degraded brake pads exceeds the value of the auto. As for loss of paint due to wear and tear and exposure to the elements, this creeping problem can lead to serious rust developing in the metal of the auto body. Again, the consequences are higher repair bills based on the typical prices of auto paint jobs. Surely it must be obvious that being cautious and dealing with both these concerns in a timely manner is the sensible way?

With the cost of motoring at an all-time high, you would think that drivers would be happy to save a buck here and there. Of course, some of them do just that, and they trawl the internet and newspaper columns to track down oil change coupons in order to save money on oil changes. Unfortunately, in Canada, for every diligent car owner who adopts this money-saving policy, there are probably five more drivers who do absolutely nothing. Sheer laziness and inertia are the only explanation for them failing to take advantage of the discounts offered by oil change coupons.

Automatic-TransmissionOf all the aspects of car maintenance that Canadian motorists neglect, the most striking is that of their vehicles’ transmission. It needs to be stressed that this is not any old fault: If you do not have it checked on a regular basis, you may find that the transmission repair cost is too big an expense to bear. So many drivers find this out too late and are left having to write off their autos, whereas if they had been cautious and had the transmission checked on a regular basis the situation could have been avoided.

If you are a driver in Canada, you really need to get wise to the realities of maintaining a vehicle. If you do not keep tabs on auto maintenance, you will almost certainly end up spending more than you need to.

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